Technology and Networking Services            

Implementing technology has its challenges.  We have years of experience in networking entire IT systems and applications that provide stable and secure environments.  We can provide your company with the expertise required in today's demanding business world.

  • Network Design
    Whether you need assistance with a new network infrastructure or help with an existing network, we can design a full network scenario for your business. We bring a strong knowledge of application software that is critical when building or enhancing network structures.
  • Network Configuration 
    WINS, DNS, DHCP for your internal network.  VPN setup for secure outside access to your servers and applications.
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans
    We install and support multiple backup products and scenarios including off-site backup options.  We can  assist your company with plans for disaster recovery as well.
  • Firewall Devices and Services
    We sell and support products necessary for connecting to the internet keeping security as a critical factor.
  • Virus Protection
    Protecting your servers and PC clients from attack.
  • Terminal Services
    Allows remote access to applications running on your server to give your remote users the benefit of speed and security.
  • Email, Exchange Server
    We support installation and configuration of internal (Exchange Server) and external email processes including cloud based Microsoft Online & Microsoft Office 365. 
  • Spam Filtering and Intrusion Prevention
    Keeping unwanted intruders and emails out that slow productivity.
  • Server and Client Monitoring
    Service checks to make sure your hardware and software are running at peak performance.
  • Network Security
    We implement network security procedures and tools that allow users to get their job done while maintaining  a secure environment.  We can assist your business with the proper security for your network.