Remote Backup

Forsythe Associates offers FAIVaultLogix remote backup capability for servers and PCs through our partner VaultLogix.   We offer business-class protection of valuable data.                                                      

Not all offsite backup providers are alike. Companies and organizations serious about protecting their data should demand a business class provider. Your business cannot wait until a major data loss to discover your backup provider cannot restore your data. VaultLogix is a business-class remote backup provider.

How Does it Work?

  • Our agentless software is installed onto one computer or server.
  • An automated backup schedule is established.
  • The data is compressed and encrypted.
  • The data is transferred offsite to a secure data center.
  • The data is backed up again, providing a second offsite copy.
  • The data is stored on hard drive disk arrays for rapid online recovery.
  • The data can be restored at any time from any computer.

 In today’s around-the-clock e-business environment, data volumes are growing at an explosive rate. Protecting this information is crucial.  Companies need immediate and constant access to critical information to ensure business continuity when disaster strikes.

Contact us to setup a 30 day trial.  After the trial, we will setup the automated backup at a resonable monthly fee based on the amount of data you actually use.  Remote backup adds a layer of security for easy and quick access to your data.