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As an authorized Infor Channel Partner, Forsythe Associates is proud to be among a select group of the industry's best resellers who deliver solutions with Infor 10 Distributino Express (FACTS) wholesale distribution software.   We pride ourselves as an extremely knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced software services provider with a unique ability.   As one of the top twenty dealers in the United States, Forsythe Associates has attained the highest level of certification for inventory management and wholesale distribution expertise. 

A Proven Distribution Software System
Since 1979, Infor 10 Distribution Express (FACTS) has set the industry standard as a leading software system that is easy-to-use and easy-to-learn, at a price that is affordable.  Today, with expanded features and enhanced interfaces, Infor 10 Distribution Express (FACTS) is designed to help distributors of all types run a more efficient and profitable operation providing assistance with "just in time" inventory methods.

A Quality System, Proven Solution
Delivering innovative features and functionality, Infor10 Distribution Express (FACTS) is a proven distribution-based software package that enables customers to streamline processes and maximize resources.  With a track record that is unparalleled in the industry, Infor10 Express allows distributors to enhance customer service, optimize inventory levels, increase productivity and improve profitability.

A Reliable Standard in Distribution Software
Whether you are looking for a new distribution solution or upgrading your current system, Infor10 Distribution Express (FACTS) can give your distribution business the competitive edge it needs to thrive in today's economy. Going far beyond typical inventory tracking and accounting packages, FACTS provides a complete distribution management system that links all business functions. From the front office to the back office, key business elements are integrated and processes are automated throughout the intuitive Infor10 Distribution Express (FACTS) system. 

A Solution Designed Specifically for Distributors
In the software market, many companies provide a distribution product as a vertical or add-on offering when their true specialty is really in another software arena. At Infor, distribution software is their specialty. They  understand distribution software better than anyone else and Infor 10 Distribution Express (FACTS) proves it. With functionality, features and forethought, Infor 10 Distribution Express (FACTS) is designed with a true working knowledge of the distribution industry. Infor 10 Distribution Express (FACTS) provides real solutions for the many unique and complex challenges facing distributors.

  • FACTS Overview An overview of the innovative features available with FACTS.

  • Accounts Payable allows you to maintain tight control over your cash position.

  • Accounts Receivable helps you manage the entire receivables process.

  • Archive is a secure storage and retrieval system that lets you automatically archive your reports and documents online.

  • Business Intelligence allows distributors to better understand operations and make more informed business decisions.

  • Document Delivery allows distributors to save valuable time and money with regards improving the how documents are created and distributed.

  • Email provides FACTS users with a new level of convenience that will enable them to work more efficiently and effectively.

  • FaxLink provides users with a tool to fax reports and documents from any FACTS program.

  • General Ledger provides flexible account definition, direct journal entries, recurring entries, reversing entries and allocations.

  • Inventory Control allows purchasing agents and warehouse managers to manage by exception, rather than examining every detail.

  • Job Cost provides dynamic job tracking and the extensive reporting features needed to maximize sales and profits for project-oriented distributors.

  • Manufacturing Control supports both formulation and bills-of-material.


  • Payroll  maintains and tracks employee data, manages check writing functions and provides extensive reporting for governmental and tax purposes.

  • Purchase Orders manages the purchases of both stock and non-stock orders recommended by the inventory control and sales order programs.

  • Report Formatter allows distributors to capture and manage data more quickly to provide better access to key business information.

  • Report Writer enables you to create reports from any FACTS data file, eliminating custom programming for special reporting needs.

  • Relationship Management is a fully integrated tool for managing your relationship with prospects, customers and vendors.

  • Sales Analysis encapsulates sales transactions and allows you to view various combinations of data.

  • Sales Orders eliminates guesswork and provides a powerful tool to help manage the sales process.

  • Service and Repair provides tools to manage a service and repair organization.

  • System Management allows you to customize menus without sacrificing security.

  • Unform allows distributors to eliminate pre-printed forms and customize their documents as needed.

  • eStorefront allows secure, web-enabled customer service functions such as order entry and inquiries for your customers and remote salespeople.

  • WMS is a full warehouse management system that manages product handling in the warehouse with radio-frequency bar-code technology and software automation.

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