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Infor 10 Business (SX.enterprise)
distribution software product isspecifically designed to help distributors of all types run an efficient, end-to-end operation. Infor 10 Business product line automates critical supply-chain business processes. The solutions in the SX product line work together to integrate the flow and access of information among suppliers, distributors, and customers. The SX product line consists of numerous applications for inventory management, warehouse logistics, finance and administration, business analysis, sales, distribution, customer service, and eBusiness. Infor10 Business solutions are modular, scaleable, and configurable to meet customers' unique needs.

This product is built on Progress database technology and offers the latest in technological advances.  The strong feature functionality of Infor10 Business allows distributors to enhance customer service while effectively maintaining inventory levels. 

A Robust Solution with Innovative Features
Infor10 Business was developed after many years of researching the distribution industry and working closely with distributors across the globe. It is designed with the most advanced object oriented technology available and its adherence to open desktop principles allows seamless integration with office automation tools. Business processes are further automated through an intuitive, easy to use graphical user interface, flexible event-driven operations and connectivity standards inherent to Windows® applications. The heart of the system is based on the inventory management principles of leading experts in the distribution industry. 

A Tool for Productivity and Profitability
The Infor10 Business (SXe) distribution software package includes highly-integrated core applications and optional modules that work across Infor's robust SOA architecture framework.

Infor Open SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) is Infor’s commitment to solution interoperability, innovation, and evolution across all product lines so customers can easily add, change, upgrade, or modify solutions as their business requirements change. By enabling Infor's proven, business-specific solutions to plug into customers’ ecosystems, they make it possible to leverage the benefits of a service-oriented architecture without the disruption of having to replacing an entire IT infrastructure. Infor delivers increased business agility by modeling Infor Open SOA software technology on the event-driven service-oriented architecture paradigm, where interoperable and autonomous applications and software components are assembled to meet our customers’ specific business needs. Infor Open SOA is the sole technology strategy for all Infor products, now and in the future.
Infor10 Business allows distributors to enhance customer service, manage inventory levels, increase productivity and improve profitability. SX.enterprise provides users with a variety of tools to quickly assess and enhance both current and past business performance.

A Solution in Sync with Technology
Infor’s philosophy is to provide solutions that are sophisticated, yet simple, and in sync with technology. Imagine – with just a click of the mouse, a sales rep can inquire about the stock level of an item across warehouses, pull up a picture to verify, check the customer’s activity and initiate a drop-ship or warehouse transfer.

A Solution Designed Specifically for Distributors
High customer service levels are maintained with a minimum investment in inventory through system calculated order controls and optimum replenishment activity. Return on investment is maximized through a sophisticated but flexible costing and pricing system that allows distributors to quickly and accurately control costs and management prices. Features such a prioritized backorder fulfillment, stock reservations, non-stock sales tracking and powerful analysis tools further emphasize Infor10 Business role in supply chain management.

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